The Magic and Beauty of Computer Science

Geoff Brown

Geoff Brown is CEO and cofounder of Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (m2mi) Corporation. Before m2mi, Geoff was Director, Grid Technologies at Oracle Corporation. He has been an advocate of grid computing for several years and has spoken about grids at conferences such as XML DevCon 200x, Grid Computing Planet 2002, and Semantic Technology Conference 200x. Geoff was also a principal architect of Oracle Message Broker.

Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (m2mi) Corp is a partner-centric company that enables companies to automate operations of vast, global networks of computers and networked equipment. Machines in an m2mi environment interoperate seamlessly, because each is augmented with knowledge of its own behavior and can communicate with all others. Information, communication, and intelligence enables global system awareness and adaptive control.

Their technology evolved from pioneering work conducted by Stanford University and DARPA. Armed with significant advances, their solutions enable machines to assess their own behavior and intelligently adapt it. They fully automate global system awareness and intelligent adaptive control. Equipped with m2mi's situation and behavior models, m2mi-enabled systems provide human managers simple, intelligible, decision-oriented situation analysis.

m2mi's entire solution stack rests on a secure trust model. Their technology answers the question, "How can we control our systems when their scale and speed exceed our human capacities to monitor, understand, and alter their behavior in predictable ways?" m2mi enables executives and managers to assure that their global systems behave adaptively and effectively.

Geoff earned his BSC (Honors) in Applied Computing, Performance Optimization, and Tuning of RDBMS at Manchester Metropolitan University, England. He earned his BTec ND and HNC at North Cheshire College, England.